Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Quick How-to, Display Trees

One thing I have always wanted for my craft stalls are little display trees to hang things from. But not living near an IKEA and to be honest not really having the cash to buy them from anywhere else I figured it's time I made some.

I already had a bunch of galvanised wire in the shed so I just cut four pieces to the desired length and twisted both ends with pliers to make spirals. Big spirals for the feet, smaller ones for the top.

Using normal craft wire bind them together and adjust the feet until it stands up.

If you want more arms just cut more slightly shorter pieces and bind these to the main stem. Make sure it is nice and tight and the ends of the binding wire and tucked in securely.

Then find your pretties and hang - easy peasy!


Swirlyarts said...

These are fabulous :)

LazyTcrochet said...

That's inspiring! I think I'll make a hat rack!

Chichiboulie said...

There they are! Well done!

Bettyjoy said...

What a great idea:)